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We're seeking a senior engineer who can be a hands-on developer, provide leadership, and grow an engineering team dedicated to creating an esports media platform and breaking new ground in 2D and 3D applications.

* Passionate about UI innovation and an opportunity to create a new breed of 2D and 3D data-media-storytelling applications. 
* Previous experience creating custom data visualizations and media-driven applications, and you may have done some game development. Unity C# experience a plus. 
* Extensive application development experience with web frameworks such as vue.js, node.js, and D3. 
* Mobile application development experience, preferably both iOS (Swift) and Android. 
* AWS expertise, and familiarity with Serverless/Lambda, AppSync, and GraphQL. You should be comfortable with managing a data ingestion pipeline and internal APIs.
* You value good software engineering practices and can create extensible architectures, manage/enforce coding conventions, oversee code reviews, and ensure essential documentation creation. 



* Previous experience/exposure to esports and a basic understanding of the dynamics of the market.

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