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Delivering Next Generation

Interactive Apps and Narrative Environments

Immersive Systems is harnessing the stories in data, media and social to engage fans and create new revenue opportunities.  


Our next generation media platform seamlessly blends content from multiple sources into compelling – and monetizable – experiences.  Whether in stand-alone mobile apps or digitally enhanced environments with large format touch and AR, Immersive is delivering next-generation interactive solutions for competitive esports and traditional sports.   

New Narrative Architectures

Our platform for delivering the next generation of data-driven multimedia stories, interactive visualizations, and digitally-enhanced environments.  

Our experience helping clients create visualization-driven applications and educational and entertainment experiences has provided us with a unique point of view at the intersection of storytelling, analytics, and environmental design.

Our ImmerseOS platform provides a spatial computing framework and components that blend data and media together with powerful interactivity and motion graphics. It enables the creation of applications that can link mobile, connected TV, AR/VR, and large format touchscreen experiences. 


A revolutionary new app to engage fans

and generate revenue.  


Esports presents a unique two-sided problem. Fans are challenged with following their favorite teams and players across the vast and complex ecosystem of leagues and tournaments. Leagues and teams are challenged with engaging their fans and monetizing their digital assets. 


Built on ImmerseOS, Immersive Esports patent-pending technology presents fans with a superior way to follow schedules and brackets, view stats and highlights, and engage with their favorite teams. Leagues and teams are provided a unique opportunity to leverage their assets to drive engagement and revenue.   


Interested in joining the beta program for Immersive Esports,

sign-up here.  


The power of data visualization and spatial computing for NBA fans.    

You can't tell great sports stories without stats, and it's time to think beyond the boxscore. Built on ImmerseOS, Immersive Sports puts our powerful zooming timelines and data visualization components to work for NBA fans looking for a better way to keep up on the schedule, game results, and player stats. 


Next up is media and highlight integration. Explore some of the design studies driving our development. 


Hello Cleveland!
Show Me Steph's Highest ScoringGames
Beast Mode
Westbrook Triumphs

Immersive Systems creates great consumer experiences that generate value from data and content assets. Here's what makes our solutions so unique...


ImmerseOS is our digital experience platform. It has a unique set of capabilities and tools for creating interactive stories and visualizations, environments, and new hybrid applications. ImmerseOS can be easily extended and customized to support all esports games and pro sports leagues. 

Mobile & XR Visualization Applications

We're breaking new ground with our spatial visualization architecture and integrated data-media-narrative timelines. We're providing new ways to visualize and explore complex sets of data, interact with time-series data and media, or and allow the creation of new analytics and stories.

Narrative & Experience Design

We helped transform the archives of clients like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Boston Red Sox into compelling stand-alone digital experiences and environments. That experience provided the foundation for creating the most digitally advanced multimedia interactives and narrative content.

Content & Data Clouds

Our ImmerseOS Platform brings together data and digital media assets siloed in different systems and across multiple external APIs. Our scalable and serverless cloud service powers consumer applications and authoring tools.  

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